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West Rouge Penguins – 2012

Another hockey season is quickly coming to a close but before it does the West Rouge Penguins will have one more game to play and that will be for the 2012 Atom division Championship final.  Coach Kevin has done an amazing job leading the team through the season, teaching them so much about the game along the way and he has done everything he can to prepare them for this final playoff game.  I’m confident that if they follow his direction and leadership this team will be victorious at the end of the game next Saturday.

Thank you, Kevin, for all your hard work this season with the kids, and an additional thank you to all the parents who stepped up to help with the assistant coaching duties along the way.  After having been involved in a coaching capacity for the last few years, I for one, appreciated being able to enjoy this hockey season from the stands.

I’ve taken a few photos of the kids on the ice over the course of the season and have put together a short (OK, not so short), slideshow of the highlights.

Good Luck on Saturday, Penguins!

Go Penguins Go!

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Posted: March 28, 2012 at 12:35 pm